Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Things I Love!

Usually people do Things I Love Thursday's or something like that...I mean I could do Things I Love Tuesday's,...but it'll just be Things I Love Anyday. I love everyday.

I love the sun. I love smiling. I love my body wash. I love the way people get embaressed over the cutest things. I love looking at people and smiling. I love shorts and sweats.

I love journalling. I love my dogs. I love my friends and the way they  make me laugh. I love music, especially finding new music. thesixtyone I love the color turquiose. And coral. And those two colors together. I love big moofy comforters wrapped around me when I sleep.

I love John Lennon. I love inspirational people. I love singing, even though I'm absolutely terrible. I love playing my guitar, even though I'm not very good at that either. But I keep playing.

I love doing this. I love long hair. Seemingly so on guys now, too. Okay, only a few can pull off long hair. Eek. I love taking pictures, even though they all seem to  be of the same subject - my dogs.

I love baking, and eating everything, too. I love chocolate. It's a severe addiction.

and I love you!

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