Friday, September 23, 2011

Things going the way they should be :)

Last weekend we went to a trial. Actually it was my club that was hosting it, at our new location :) It went well. Not too many hiccups. Love when that happens..

Mach was entered in a full trial...7 runs. I wasn't sure how he was going to respond to it, but I had nothing to worry about. He was a ROCKSTAR!!

So happy with how he ran!! First two runs were standards, and his dogwalk wasn't very pretty...he was scared of it the first time, then the second time he just went into flying squirrel mode..There was only a couple spots in each of his runs that weren't perfect...just baby dog stuff that we haven't proofed enough.

Saturday was his baby boy is 2 years old!! That's like 14 years old...he's a teenager! gahh
His sissy, Mirage was there, too...she's an awesome little girlie :)

Saturday, on his 2nd birthday, he got 2 Q' fitting :) That includes his 2nd Steeplechase Q and 2nd Advanced Jumpers Q!! Only need one more to get into the big leagues...Masters...ouuu

Sunday was Amazing! Three runs, standard, snooker and jumpers...
He was so close to getting the standard...just knocked one bar, but had a super beautiful turn after the jump :) His dogwalk was perfection. So happy he got one :) heheh
His jumpers was super nice, too...knocked two bars, but was smokin' fast!
He did get a Q...Snooker...a perfect 59 point run - 4 reds, 4 sets of 12 weaves. He's a radical dog, I tell ya.

Even though he didn't Q in all of his runs - which I didn't go in hoping he would anyways - not once did I come off a run wishing it could have been better. I was always super proud of how he ran. HE IS SO MUCH FUN! He's the best little guy anyone could ask for. He was super happy all weekend and seemed to get better and better as the weekend went on.

What more could you ask for, right?

As for Toffee, she was a champ, too. Missed two dogwalk contacts, too...but had 7 flawless runs other than that. She ended the weekend with 5 Q's. She's so awesome, eh?

Grad year is still going amazing. I hope the entire year is like this. I just feel so alive, all the time. My leadership class is possibly the best ever. I love the freedom. And my nutrition class is rockin. And Ex Sci is so cool and interesting. Math is a bore, but have lots of friends in it :) French is pointless, but an easy way to end the day.

This weekend, I'm doing the Safe Grad car wash - fundraiser and also doing a bottle drive to raise money for Terry Fox with my leadership class! See what I mean? So much fun!

Terry Fox week next week! Jam packed with a bunch of activities..I'm excited!
Also, we got our leadership shirts today...we get to have nicknames on the back of them....mine's Dog Racer...lolz.

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