Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekends full of friends and laughter :)

I love those weekends <3

Yesterday we had the car wash. Surprisingly, it was fun! However, exhausting. Washing cars is hard work! Especially when you're working off an empty stomach...oh my, I was so was all I could think about for those three hours.

It was nice hanging out with some of my friends that I rarely get to see nowadys..and hanging out with some people that I've been wishing I was close friends with. People are just awesome, eh. Right at the end of our time slot, this guy came with his big truck..I'm sure he just came back from muddin' because there was probably 5 inches of mud caked on EVERYWHERE. He gave us 40 bucks though...which made our group beat the morning's group..288$ and 342$ That's super good, seeing how there was 9 different stations all of the northside of Freddy with two groups each (morning and afternoon). Safe grad fundraiser off to a great start!!

I tried doing homework, but I failed miserably at that. So much to do, though.. gaah,

Today was extra fun! Some of our leadership class went out doing a bottle drive to raise money for the Terry Fox foundation. We got a fair amount for the amount of time we spent doing it, actually. It was just a fun day hanging out :)

I also just went apple picking. It is so beautiful out right now. I really don't want to finish my And it's all really stupif stuff, too.  And through out a series of events today, I was a little nervous driving...hahaha Man, it's a good story. One for the books. ;)

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