Saturday, September 10, 2011

First Week of Grad Year = Complete!!

It's actually been an awesome week. I mean, the first week always is. And plus, it's actually only been 2 and a half days at school...but it was still exhausting!

I got really awesome classes this term. Wasn't the schedule I had arranged the week all of that going in early stuff didn't help me at all.

This is my schedule.
Nutrition P.1 with the best teacher in the whole entire world. I love her to death.
Exercise Science P.2 with a pretty cool dude.
PE Leadership P.3 with THE BEST CLASS IN THE WORLD. Couldn't ask for a more wicked group of people. Gonna be a fun semester :)
Advanced Math with Calc P.4 IN ENGLISH (first time ever!) pumped about that.
FI LA P.5 to end my day off nice and easy :)

That's actually the last french class I have to take! I will have my  french credits to get my certificate bi lingual or whatever that thing actually is thing.

Next term will be a little tougher, which sucks because that's when I'll just be thinking "GRADUATION" but, meh, whatever.

It's nice seeing everyone again, but it's enough already. I saw all the people I really wanted to see over the summer, lots anyways, so it didn't really matter. hahaha

But, hey. Whatever.
I'm going to get sick in the next week or's enevitable. And I'll be sick for about a month. And I will be miserable. And it'll be wicked.
Okay, not the last one.

I love napping. Napping is my best friend. Also eating.

Tonight, my parents and I decided at 10:30pm that we wanted to go to Mama's pup for nacho's. We were all hungry. We live 15 minutes out of town, and they only serve until 11pm. We went. We ate. It was good.

Spontaneous trips, ftw!!! ya!!

I'm going to the market with my friend in the morning, then I have a lesson with a dude and his puppy in the afternoon!

It's my first weekend off in 5 weeks!! How insane is that?!

Happy Weekend!

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