Saturday, September 10, 2011

Quite a fantastic end to summer :)

We went to Salisbury on saturday for the trial. It was awesome.
Toffee rocked all day long and ended with 4/4 and Top Gamblers dog with 98 points!
Watch it here. :)

I have to basically stop all of my motion for her to even think about stopping on the I so screwed her up hahah. Poor dog.
Also her alsmost ass-pass? Whaa? Silly dog. That was a messy run. hahaha..they make me laugh.

She's pretty isn't she? :)
I really like this picture...the sun hitting her and the green leaves in the background.

Macherman was a great boy at the trial.
His standard wasn't so bad, considering. He had an AWESOME dogwalk. He knocked the double..but we don't even train with I better start doing so. He got on the table but jumped off...haven't worked ANY table in FOREVER. Gotta work on that. The teeter was hilarious. 1st attempt = fly off...2nd attempt = another flyoff, 3rd attempt = HOLY CRAP, IM TERRIFIED. Go slow.
hahah, he makes me laugh. Gotta work on that.

All in all, I was very pleased with him for that run. To be fair to him, all we've been doing all summer is dogwalks - at least he did that part right!!

hehe, he's special.

Sunday we went to Hopewell Rocks to go sea kayaking. It was awesome. Really relaxing :) We had a great day with the family.
Here are some pictures of the day.

They follow me wherever I go and torment the living daylights outta me!!!
 We had a BBQ in the parking lot when is was more or less desserted. Veggie burgers, ftw. (y) Mosquitos attacked us, though.

Ah, school. You start way too soon.
(Okay, my computer was being wacky and I never got to post this until now...)

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