Thursday, September 1, 2011

Macherman does it again!

Yes he did! We went to a FAST trial last weekend.
Beautiful weather on saturday. I was a little dehydrated, wasn't feeling too good. (Erin, you actually have to pack water to drink it!) Really sucked on packing.

Sunday Irene found us. I mean, it wasn't like we were flooded or anything, just terential down pours every now and again...but over all we lucked out. The first time it rained, though, I was completely soaked..bummer.

Toffee was running awesome, however she thought that actually hitting the yellow in the dogwalk is overrated. And knocking 2 bars? Whaa? So we didn't have the greatest weekend - Q wise, but she was handling really nice. We did come out with 3 Q's hahha

I ran Mach in adv. jumpers on sunday. It was such a NICE run! Couldn't have been more happy with how he ran! So beautiful! We ended up Q'ing, getting 1st place with a time of 26.17 and 5.84 yps!

My computer is being fixed right now, so I will share the video when I get that back. (yeah, I'm on an other computer at them moment)

That also means no just boring text.

BUT wait!!! There's super exciting news!!

After the class was over, the judge, Sarah Mairs (she has some wicked dogs - love watching her's her channel) came over to talk to me. We chatted a bit and she mentioned going to worlds with Mach!

(Yeah, I was doing the happy dance...secretly)

Now, it was always my intention with Mach. I mean, only if he showed the potential. When I first had him, he had a lot of issues - with motivation, confidence, etc. We needed to work through those first before I could even think about going to worlds for agility. So it went on the back burner for a little while.

Now that we've been able to work through those issues and are getting ready to start trialling more regularily, it's been in the front of my mind all the time now...more so in this past week.

As soon as I got home on Sunday, I got right on the computer and started researching how to get on the CKC team. (I only ever looked into the AAC for Tof..) It's definitely more complicated, but I think it's managable. I've become slightly obsessed with everything now. But first I have to register him with the suggestions?

This Saturday we're going to a trial (only for the day - our family is going camping in Fundy for the rest of the weekend) I entered Mach in Standard, Gamblers and Jumpers. So for a dog whose dogwalk and teeter are not completely the way I would like them to be and for a dog who doesn't even know what "go" means, it should make for an interesting day..hahaha

I'm very very excited for Tori (Hippie Dogs). She leaves for France for Worlds in not too long. How awesome is that?! Ahhh!


  1. Awesome weekend! Mach on world team would be amazing, you guess would be an awesome addition to any world team! Which worlds? IFC or FCI?

  2. you guys rock!!! good job.
    hmm CKC name for Mach... erm...
    good luck & have funnn!