Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy Terry Fox Day!

This week my leadership class has been busy busy doing fundraisers for Terry Fox foundation.
And today was the run/walk!
It went so smoothly! It was awesome to be out of classes all day, just doing things here, there and everywhere all day long. I'm exhausted though!

It was filled with organizing participants, gathering prizes, cheering runners on, taking a million pictures and being in just as many, cleaning up, BBQ'ing, face painting and tattooing, counting money, walking, taking more pictures and cleaning more up!

Have I mentioned how wicked my class is? Yeah, well it is. I love them all. They make my day.
Including hot nurses that decide to show up...I don't hate it.

(photo by Tori Self...yes I stole it.) :)

 I got to spend my friday night fixing the curriculum...again!!!!! annoying. But I think it should be done for a while now...hopefully nothing drastic changes in dog training in the next little while. I can't deal with having to go through and change that again!!!!!!

Tomorrow morning we're heading out to Salisbury for a funmatch. It's to raise money for an animal vet emergency fund...great cause! Mach is running in two steeplechase and masters jumpers...he only needs one more advanced to move onto masters - so I need some practice!! weee!

And Sunday I'm teaching a gamblers class. Fun fun!

Another jam-packed week and jam-packed weekend!
Some things never change.

*yawn* it's late. I need to get up early tomorrow.

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