Saturday, January 21, 2012

Catching Fire

My mind is on fire, right now. I just finished the second book in the Hunger  Games series. AH.
For those of you who have not read the books, I will not say anything other than AHHHH!!!!

I probably finished the book at the worst time possible in all of existance. Because it's Saturday. And exams are this week, so I will not be seeing Erin (the friend who I'm borrowing the books from) until we resume normal classes next semester and see her in homeroom (which is Feb 1) HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO WAIT A WEEK AND A HALF? I might just have to buy the book. But then I'll have to buy the first two books. Ahh.

I might go stir crazy. And that doesn't help any since I'm already going to be stir crazy due to having to stufy for exams. Thank goodness I only have to write three. Only monday for nutrition, wednesday for leaderhip and thursday for math. I love exemptions and easy semesters.

But still. Imma go crazii.

On another note, I volunteered for the SPCA today, manning the table selling calendars and cookbooks and gathering donations at the mall. I met a new friend. It was great. I had lunch with another friend and cruzed around Chapters for a bit, before driving myself home in terrifying traffic. (okay, it's really not bad, but much worse than the back roads I'm used to. haha)

And with that, I must to begin studying for my exam on monday. haha.

Boo on school, eh? I just wanna get caught up in the futuristic fantasy world of Panam.

Here's a picture.

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