Sunday, January 29, 2012

Trilogy, over.

I am sad already. That I have nothing but the movies to look forward to now. No more books to let myself get lost in. Sigh. But the books are so amazing. But I'm sad. But I am super excited to see the movie. March 23 is such a long time to wait, it seems, though I know it'll be upon us with a blink of an eye.

Just how I realized that today is the 29th of January. Where has the time gone? Who knows. I do, in fact, remember when months seemed to drag on forever, don't even get me started on years. Those were eternities while you waiting for your birthday and were declared a year older. But my days are muddling together, it seems that I'm just going through the motions on most days. So bogged down by school, due dates, rules, winter and lethargy. All I really want to do most of the time is sleep. Or eat. With the rarity of my feeling energetic, I crave agility, or at least to shape a new trick. But most days I just want to sleep.

And as the depression, of finishing a series of unmistakably incredible books coming to an end, creeps up on me, I will want to do nothing more than to sleep. All the time. Or write about it and whine and complain and emit fake sobs. haha

thank you pinterest.

And tomorrow, in my state of a neutral mind set, I will go write that damned math exam. It's long overdue.

At least I will get the afternoon and tuesday off. Sigh.

Lets let Jimi have the last words...

"All I'm gonna do is just go on and do what I feel."

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