Friday, January 6, 2012

I have decided...

That I am going to make photo albums. Putting actual photos in actual albums, rather than digital photos in online albums.
Keep sakes, you know.

The other night I looked through every single photo album that my mom and dad have. So fun to look at. The memories that are in those albums are priceless. I love photos, and I love documenting, so doesn't it just seem like the perfect project for me to do?! I think yes.

Yesterday I spent some time gathering photos that I would like to print off and put in my first album. I have way too many.

I want to make sure I capture the important moments, as well as the mundane ones. I need to start taking more pictures. Last year I took a lot. I think I took too many. Is that possible?

I started the 365 project, but it was so hard to find creativity each and every day. It ended up with my just taking pictures of random objects around the house. Or the dogs. Mostly the dogs.  I quit. I don't like quiting something, but I did. Oh well..

I was thinking that this year I might do a photo a week, instead of a photo a day, because some days you just dont want to take a picture. I still have two days to decide if I want to.

All in all, I need to take more pictures.

That is final.

Here's a good memory for ya:

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