Saturday, January 7, 2012


First, listen to this.

Then look at this:

Then read this:

 - It's trivial compared to what you guys are going through.

Maybe it's the most important thing happening in the whole universe. How do you know?

 - I'm pretty sure it's trivial, you know, in perspective.

Perspective is what shuts out the universe. Everyone with their little perspective. It keeps the love out.

Last year, in OP, a former student of LHHS now a teacher went to Africa to teach for a year. I remember her talking about how we can't compare our troubles to the person's sitting beside us. Everyone has their own trouble, their own darkness. Yes, when you do look at it in perspective, living each day without sufficient food and water is much worse than having an argument with your brother.

BUT, to you that argument is something that protrudes on your happiness, right? So to you that is your trouble, and that is the most important trouble in your entire universe. And it's alright to be upset about it.
No need for comparisons, no need to feel guilty.

As for me, today my troubles were none. I had a spectacular day.
I slept in - much needed until 11:30 - ate left over veggie pizza from last night, took a picture, sorted through pictures from my childhood, finished my nutrition test - that wasn't as hard as I thought it was, started putting pictures into an album, knitted and watched some CSI: NY.

Lovely day. Don't you just love productive, lovely days? I do.

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