Monday, January 16, 2012

District 12 Love

Hunger Games.
Is this what love feels like? Okay, I've only just finished the first book, but I can say for certain that it is a situation easily comparable to a crack addict and her crack. My crack is Hunger Games, at the moment. Answer me this: WHY HAVE I WAITED SO LONG TO READ IT!?!!!!???!

Oh Catnip. Oh Peeta. Oh Gale.

I will admit, I cried, throughout the book. Yeah....I'm like that.

I borrowed the book from a friend, so I have to wait, like two days to get my hands on the second book. You know, I have to take it back to school, she has to go home, and bring it the next day. I might go insame. Ahh.

But for now, I will just show a picture of the novel, because it's so beautiful.


 I will try to survive these next days, bookless. Can I read it again before I give it back to her? Ehh. Wahn.

Okay. enough.

Today I found out my result from my french interview! ADVANCED. Say whaa? Yeah, that's the highest you can get. Dude, you don't realize how surprised I am. I suck at speaking french. haha! Yay me!Officiellement bilangue. C'est un peu bizarre d'y penser. Mais je suis terminer avec le francais apres ce semaine. TELLEMENT EXCITE!

Avoir une belle repose :) xox

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