Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I heard your heart say love, love, love

Today was a "snow day", although it was only because it was really icy when they had to make the call. It warmed up, and the ice on the roads enevitably went away. I think it went up to 9 today. Welcome to the January thaw! I like it, because we didn't put our agility equipment away in the fall, so the dogwalk is just out there, calling our names.

We did two seperate sessions and did them with greatness. Mach was a rockstar! The second time around, I brought the camera out to get some clips. Still struggling with going into nothing, but it's getting better. However, I think he's now relying on me throwing the toy...I haven't tried him on equipment afterwards in a while, so we'll see if he's gotten any better with that...hmm.

Anyhow, here he is!

I'm giving vimeo a shot...not sure if I will stick with it. But it always seems like the vimeo videos that I watch are way better than youtube ones. And maybe it won't always take my music away from people in Germany? We'll see.

I don't have any photos, though. Grr. Okay, I will take some tomorrow! I promise...

Pictures from Christmas break...how I miss you.

And this is a photo that a friend edited. She took these in early fall, but she just came across them now and edited one for me...needless to say, I love it.

And I know that I belong somewhere entwined with the graciousness of life.

I had an ortho appointment today. They've been monitoring my growth since like...grade 9? when they wanted to put braces on. But because of my underbite at the time, they thought it would be best to wait until I stopped growing. But I kept growing, growing, growing. Finally, I have stopped, I think

So we're going to go ahead with treatment. My teeth aren't crooked by any means, but they are off bite..meaning, they are off by a half tooth, and they aren't lined up. Good news though! I don't have to get braces, but instead I'm getting Invisiline.

(I said "Justin Bieber had this" and the lady was like "Yes! hah, yes he did!") I'm now finding this funny that she knew....

So that's better than a mouth full of metal for 2 years, right? Ah, there's a positive in everything. :)

Because of the snow day today, all the exams got pushed back, so there's two days off for me! (plus the four day weekend coming up)

I'm so ready to get this school year over and done with...bring on graduation!!

p.s Nationals is in 189 days, 10 hours. jus saayinn.

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