Monday, August 22, 2011

FAME trial!

What a great weekend!

This weekend, Mach was entered in 3 runs. A nice change to his usual 1 run per weekend.
I'm hoping that maybe by this fall I will enter him in some other runs other than jumpers and steeplechase. I just have to keep working on his teeter and dogwalk. Things are looking great, though!

I had starters jumpers first with Mach. It was super fun to run! Love those wide open courses where I can just run! Mach was movin' too! Came out with a time of 20.02, Q and a 1st place! That was our 2md starters jumpers Q, so up to advanced we go!

Our second run was steeplechase. That was also awesome. It felt cool running him in something other than jumpers. The course had 2 aframes, so I knew it would be much better for Mach, as his weaves still need work. He's still double stepping..maybe he always will. Just need to get some more confidence with them, and hopefully he will pick up some more speed. He started off very fast and I really had to move to get my front cross in! He got the weave entry, but he either hit the pole or fumbled with his footing or something and missed (I think) the 3rd pole. But I got him back and we were moving along great after that. He had two awesome contacts and pretty good speed around the course. I was late doing one cross so I got a wide turn, but overall, very pleased with his run! I think we ended with 37sec.

Sunday was another jumpers. It was very exciting picking up the advanced jumpers course map, instead of starters. *My baby is growing up* heheh 
It was a very nice course. I mean, I know he can woop any course...he's done international level stuff before! It's just a matter of me being on top of myself all the way around the course.
I'm still trying to figure him out. He's much different than running Tof.
Mach's run was awesome. He ticked the double and it came down, but clean all the way around the rest of the course. It was a great feeling!

Watch his runs here :)

Toffee was a very good girlie this weekend. She had some great runs. Missed a dw contact in her standard saturday, but got jumpers, snooker and steeplechase. Missed her main gamble on sunday (she's a weirdo who does weird things, sometimes) ..she had an awesome opening, 60points (both minis twice)...but got standard and jumpers.

Maybe it was because I was running Mach as well, but she felt slow. Maybe she's tired, or maybe her back is bothering her. Who knows. But after all summer without getting a massage..only one chiro adjustment at nationals, I think it's time to get some more massages. Hopefully Elana will be there this weekend.

Yes, we're going away again this weekend. This will be 4 weekends in a row. Not sure where in heck I'm getting this money (actually, I'm doing lots and lots of lessons lately and that 500$ I won sure helps!), but then there's another trial the next weekend. I think we're only going down one day.

Then I start school. How awful.
It`s raining today, and I still have a million things to do. Boo.

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