Wednesday, August 3, 2011

from the middle of the night

yes. It's the middle of the night, and I can't sleep.
I'm trying to type really quite.
Even though everyone is upstairs, I still feel like the keyboard is really loud.

I'm trying to make my eyes burn enough that when I do go back upstairs to bed, I will actually be able to sleep.
I am very tired, indeed. But I can't sleep.
Nothing there is new, though.

Mach is at my feet.
He likes sleeping in tight, closed spaces.
Like under coffee tables, or underneath desks.
He's like Newman.
We call them Den Dogs.

I wish we left today, for nationals.
I kept seeing everyones updates all day saying where they were, some even loaded pictures.
I'm very sad that it wasn't me.
Oh well.

Not sure if any of this is making remote sense.
So, I'm sorry if you're bothering to read it.
Tired girl ramblings.
But Nationals are this weekend.
It's very exciting.

I like keeping my sentences short.
And breaking all the paragraphs up.
Like this.
I find it's easier to read, no?
It goes by quicker, too

I don't actually have anything interesting to say.
This is what I actually sound like when I'm tired
And I talking to you in person.
I make no sense.
And I just keep talking.
Spewing words out of my mouth,
like water fountains.

Ouu, pretty.

So I think I'm gonna go
This was enough damage for now.
Good night.
But really,
Good morning.

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