Friday, August 5, 2011

Off to the finals!

We made it to the steeplchase finals!!
Our time was 30.87..which isn't bad for Toffee doing 2 sets of weaves.

So, just for the steeplechase I was entered as a junior handler..(I wasn't at first, but I switch last minute, seeing how this is my last year being a JH) Anyways, I thought it would be cool to go to the finals, because it was very probable that we would make it (there was 4 16" JH...) and we have never made it to the finals any year prior, but always at the 22" Reg division.
I came first in my little JH division, but it turns out that I would have made it to the finals in the 16" specials division anyhow...humph. I would have won more money! hah, oh well. Such as life.

We had the opening ceremonies tonight. They had the parade this year, too. All the junior handlers got to go up front! I was so tired though, I probably looked like I was mad at the world when I was walking down the road, with all the cameras pointing at us. It was so hot here today. I thought I was going to die. Multiple times.

They announced the steeplechase finalists then, so I got to go up on the stage in front of everyone to get my tshirt. hehe

Look at it. I just want to hug it :)

We had a nice BBQ at the Henry's with the Mackinley's and Tony even touched my dirty feet. Naturally, I had a laugh attack. (Yes, he tried to rub them, but I think he was even a little grossed out by them...) I was barefoot all day...sorry. :)

I drank 3 litres of water today. It was very hot.
I also got a pretty decent sunburn...but that's no news flash.

Mom found the pyr sheps that came to nationals. Here's Nikita. She's pretty :)

why cant i rotate it...
and here are some cool dogs.

I went shopping and bought Mach a new slip leash. It matches him. How insane? Looky

He got a cool-coat, too.
I also took Toffee to the chiropractor. She got all adjusted and was a very good girlie!
We are good to go!

Nationals start tomorrow...bright and friggin' EARLY!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to get up at 5am. Course maps come out at 6 and walk through start at 630. Shoot me. That's in like...not a lot of time.

So at that...Goodnight to all!! Have a lovely sleep.