Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mach's Running Dogwalk

I've been working very hard with Mach lately.
It's nice to finally have a real dogwalk.
We have been working mostly on just straight off. He was having a hard time getting down low when going towards a jump, but was great towards a tunnel or tire. Maybe he likes sometime more visually appealing? haha

But last night's and today's sessions went super well. I started moving the tire over bit by bit so there was a little turn. I kept the jump staight off, as he was a little iffy at the beginning of the session. Today I moved the jump over a little and was doing awesome.

I could actually do a decel (first time I tried it) and he did it perfectly! I was very surprised. Also, I did a front cross before the tunnel and sent him in the opposite end (not the one straight off) and a threadle with awesome results.

Things are looking up! Not that they were ever looking down, but ... you know. heh

Here's a video from last week. I've watched it a bunch of times and I realize even though he was hitting them, only a few of them were down low.
Oh well...
I think he's getting better at it. I've noticed his stride coming down onto the down plank is bigger, i.e hits lower.

As for his teeter, it's better. I've been quick releasing him as soon as he hits his paws on the ground. It's funny, though. Mostly every dog that I've seen didn't really need a verbal on their contacts (unless they have multiple behaviors) - same with Mach...I don't need to say anything on the dogwalk or aframe, but say "push" anyways. A couple times when I was working the teeter when I didn't cue "target" he would just ride it down and come off. When I would cue target, he would stop. Learn something everyday, don'tcha?

Watch this again, okay? So proud. :)

As a last minute shot of inspiration for the day, I came across this video. Reminds me that we are so lucky to share our time with our dogs and that no matter what obstacle stands in your way, there's always a way over it, through it, around it. Determination and the will to do something will overcome everything else. There's always a chance for you to better yourself and learn from others. Always a chance to make the best of your day..of your life.

 "Feels like some kind of ride but it's turning out just to be life going absolutely perfectly"                              - Brian Andreas, Story People

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