Sunday, August 7, 2011

Nationals Day 1: AMAZING!

Gonna make this quick. It's late!
So, today was awesome. I mean, obviously. It's Toffee we're talking about here...
Our running order was jumpers, gamblers and then standard.
All courses looked just fine, the gamblers even looked easy.

I was up 3rd for jumpers and standard and 11th for gamblers, which is super nice so I could just stick with my plan and run and not have to get all anxious about the run..could just get it over with. Perfect for my mental game. I was able to stay relaxed all day long. It never seemed like I was running at nationals, but more so just at a regular trial.

Jumpers went amazingly well. We had one wide turn but I made up for it when I did a rear where everyone else was wrapping. We finished clean with 27.48secs

Gamblers went well, too! She took an extra jump that was super random and not expected, so I got out of place to get my next line and had to make her flick to the weaves...she was basically going at them, facing the 6th pole, but my golly, she got the entry! We did 2 minis, two 4points and 2 weaves, plus other things in between and ended with 47 points in the opening, got the main gamble and was 3secs under time!!

Standard was just as awesome, nothing really happened that was weird or uncalled for. I decided to wrap her around one jump where I really wanted to front and bring around the other side. But whatever, she was clean and 36.11 secs. Smokin'!

We went over to the ribbon presentations and my goodness, we were rockin' it!
1st place in Gamblers!
1st place in Jumpers!
3rd place in Standard!


Everyone from the maritimes really kicked butt!!
Mom and Bailey even got a 9th place in jumpers, even though, quote "had lunch with the photographer"

and and and

All the people who got their lifetimes in the last year were awarded a plaque...I had missed the deadline (you needed to have it before June 1st...I got it July 9th) but they had mixed up my lifetime anyways, sending me a certificate saying I got it in May and then again in June (but those were my 98 and 99..not 100.)

Something got mixed up and somehow mine was there, so me and mom got to go up together. Very cool!

No pictures yet. I don't want to have to download and edit a billion photos. They will come soon.
Early morning again tomorrow!

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